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COVID-19 Guidlines

       With the world changing within the blink of an eye it is imperative that we make the necessary changes to our business to ensure we can adapt. Online lessons have revolutionized the way music will be taught going forward and therefore we must continue to evolve with this technology and embrace it into our studio.

       We will now be offering online lessons for students to take in the comfort of their own home as a permanent option. These lessons will offer the students the same quality of instruction with the convenience and comfort of being at home.

       We will continue to offer in studio lessons for those who choose as long as all the guidelines are met. Online lessons will also be a part of our structure for those who choose in studio lessons as well.


       Here are our new guidelines moving forward as of September 2021:


  1. Any Students/Teachers with any signs of COVID-19 are not permitted into the studio

  2. All Students/Teachers must wear a mask at all times

  3. Parents are NOT permitted into the studio, only students and teachers will be allowed at this time

  4. An in studio lesson can be streamed at anytime for parents to watch on their device while they wait in their car

  5. If a student cannot attend an in studio lesson they are encouraged to take that lesson online until they are able to return

  6. We encourage all makeup lessons to be taken online

  7. Lesson rooms will be reconfigured to accommodate as much space as possible

  8. All rooms are equipped with a Hepa Filter

  9. Recitals/Concerts will be held online so any friend or family member in the world can watch.

  10. Students must provide their own pencil to write in their books

  11. Pianos will be sanitized before and after each lesson

  12. Guitar students must provide their own instrument

  13. Drum students must provide their own sticks

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